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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

alahaiii si NAVY....

this is a story of wife's navys military department in Malaysia....women should bear in mind certains things before we agreed to accept THEM as our partner in life...why???because:

  • we need to be far from him as they go for training or not 2/3 days,but 2/3 Months for sure..
  • all that time, we as WOMEN need to be independent, for those who always depends on Hubby should learn earlier otherwise we'll Blurr..
  • DUTY are very simillar to Navy..DUTY means, they have to be at workplace 24 hours k without fail..mean wife need to stay alone at home with kids..
  • DUTY for almost 3 times per week.can imagine just how long we can spend quality time together..
  • no Public Holiday, no weekend, no MC...unless they apply for annual leave..
  • Everyday, should be at base before 7, n go for assembly like children at school. can imagine, most of them already become a father but still need to do something childish..(how poor it goes)
these are among disgusting things that we as their wife should face when we marry NAVY Man. They always put country matters no. one. wether we like it or not, we have to accept the fact that we married with someone name NAVY...